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Our brand new Rating-System Dashboard

We are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new Rating-System Dashboard, built on a mobile friendly responsive platform to create the most up-to-date user experience. Our Dashboard helps you understand all aspects of your use of the platform.

This new dashboard is adaptive and responsive to work across various browser sizes, mobile and tablets. We continue to focus on improving our user experience at every stage of the ratings and reviews process. It provides standard reporting and lets our customers drill in to any details of the data behind the reports.

To sum up all of the new dashboard features:

  • Adapts to any device and screen size
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • New, clean and improved design
  • The same creatives for all devices

Reviews Dashboard

Power of Twitter with ratings and reviews

Today, launches a new integration for Twitter, bringing together the power of Twitter with ratings and reviews, the world’s leading social media management system.

Once you connect a Twitter account to our system and start promoting new products reviews - we begin gathering data on it. These metrics help you quickly evaluate whether your Twitter strategy is having the desired effects and how much traffic Twitter brings to your site. This approach encourages tweets that are engaging, relevant and useful.

Our customers can find more information and get started now.

Towards this goal, we’re always working on ways to make it easier to manage and get more value working with us. That integration shows its most value on the reporting front, presenting you details such as clicks, re-tweets, replies and conversions. We integrate social media metrics with exquisite charts and graphs.
Social reviews

Expanding into social commerce areas

Rating System has taken word of mouth marketing to the next level. Consumers have the ability to share their experiences, product reviews with their peers, in a way that is extremely influential and powerful. Our solution is expanding into social application areas.

It allows our customers to:

  • Engage in dialogue, join the conversation about products and services
  • Stimulate more conversations among customers
  • Accelerate shoppers’ decision making
  • Post questions and receives social answers
  • Answer consumer questions directly through social networks

Facebook and Twitter are becoming increasingly important partners in aggregating customers feedback on relevant products and services. Customer reviews are carrying more power than ever before — and a growing number of retailers are tracking every word that's said about them in social media.

Ratings and reviews give customers a voice, increase confidence, enhance product visibility, and finally increase sales. In addition Rating System provides social commerce functionality, with social commerce you can join the conversation, understand your customers and engage with them. Listening to consumers helps retailers improve their offering, marketing and customer support. A retailer wants to expose deep content to customers who may not otherwise see it - functionality available now, only one click away. It gives you a power to create a presence that collects fans/followers on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, enabling it to push promotions – as well as observe and participate in dialogue among followers. Additionally, this functionality provides feedback to companies and manufacturers about the strengths and weaknesses of their products. Software enables you to drive those conversations so you can attract, engage and retain more customers, provides reviews, recommendations and solutions that have an immediate impact on your bottom line, and turn product reviews into insights that can guide your business. Rating System ensures that every customer review is from a real buyer and commits to publishing all product reviews, good or bad, enhancing credibility and trust.

To summarize:

  • Rating System automatically update your Facebook account with the latest customer social reviews
  • Your followers can leave comments, share and click on the posts to read the reviews.
  • We provide you a wide suite of in-depth analytics in order to help you understand what your customers need.

Social Insights


The Power of Ratings and Reviews

In this week’s blog, we are focusing on one of the most powerful tools in the online marketing ordnance: the ratings and reviews. The verdict of the value of ratings and reviews on ecommerce and brand marketing websites is simple; today it’s a win-win situation for everyone. But not everyone seems to be doing it right.

Whether you are a consumer or the business itself, if the customer is satisfied, the business is successful. Despite all the young, ineffective ways of marketing tools, including ratings and reviews, in past years, the ‘community’ managed to overcome these weaknesses and directed themselves into a better world of business. How did they do it? We’re here to discuss that with you.

These strategies are focused on 3 main aspects of your online business – onsite conversion, customer satisfaction, and customer value. Isn’t that what each ecommerce business should be about? Generating more traffic. Taking excellent care of your current customers and value their thoughts and opinions. Always welcoming new ones with open arms. These components are essential. There are very few simple steps a business owner can follow to achieve every one of these aspects in a proper and successful manner.

Step 1 - Make sure, whatever it is you are selling or providing for your customers, that every single product is integrated with ratings and reviews. Most people make this mistake today, thinking that only their most popular or most efficient product should have these structures. That’s where they’re mistaken. ‘Covering’ your market with ratings and reviews for every product, significantly can alter and boost your customer relationship and conversion.

Step 2 – Think of the phrase; “The more, the better”. This is what this step is about. The more your product is being rated, reviewed and discussed, the more returning (and new) customers will buy. Let’s say you’re close to purchasing a TV online, which product are you going to trust more? The ‘7.8 out of 10 with 54 reviews’ or the ‘7.5 out of 10 with 305 reviews’? The choice is clear. The more reviews, the more relevance of the product. You must do whatever it takes to increase your review volume!

Step 3 - Now that we’ve established the first 2 steps, the 3rd is quite simple and straight forward. Mentioned in previous blogs, the next step would be to leverage and extend your review content. You must put yourself out there. How can you do that? Simple. Social networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc) has proven to help businesses expand in the ecommerce world today. People talk, and people listen, especially if that person is your work colleague, your best friend, or some family across the seas. Integrating your products with ratings and reviews can boost your search rankings on Google or any major search engines’ result page. Having pre-purchase information and a post-purchase follow up e-mail can go a long way for your business! The solution is to find a review and social commerce partner who can get your review content in front of as many consumers as possible, aka Rating System!

Step 4 – The last step we’d like to mention is making sure that all your reviews are trusted. Having a website full of random and negative reviews isn’t going to help your business in any way. If you think your traffic, let alone your business, if going to grow and mature that way, think again. There are lots of different manipulators out there who seek to ruin your business by posting random reviews that are nowhere near relevant to the product, or only post negative and disrespectful reviews. Even some who try and think they are smarter than the system and its people to post fake reviews. Be smart. All of these do damage to your business and to everyone selling online. They undermine trust in reviews and social commerce. The idea here to have your solutions and reviews validated by a third party (which could be your review and social commerce partner – Rating System!) that is trusted and valued by consumers in its own way.

Take these few simple steps and suggestions in high consideration. 95% of all consumers sometimes or always check reviews before purchasing the product/service, and 60% of these consumers are more likely to purchase on a site that has valid and trusted reviews. What does that tell you? The power of these reviews shouldn’t be underestimated. They can either make a business, or break it.


Your product reviews look and feel

Ratings and reviews in action The image you see attached to this week’s blog is fairly straight forward. Here, we have a RatingBox sample of a client that we have created to show you a possibility of what your product page could look like. As you can see, there are many different attributes and values that come with its integration. Take a look at some of our most popular ones;

SEO Integration – Everybody wants to be on the first page of Google, whether you are a service or a product provider, it is everyone’s’ desire to be there! The way Google notices and advances websites through their rankings and page numbers is through traffic, ‘tags’ and ‘keywords’, and website presentation, as we have mentioned to you in previous blogs. So when the page is being constantly observed and reviewed by clients, the integration comes in effect and your top search engines begins to recognize your page, and in today’s business, recognition is key.

Stay socially active – In today’s world, people spend more time on social network sites more than they actually think they do. Online networking has been a great success. Seeing your product on a website like Facebook or Twitter, gives you a huge advantage of over your competitors. You are guaranteed for success towards traffic piling into your website just by a simple ‘Like’, ‘Share’, ‘Comment’, ‘Rate’, or ‘Review’. Using Rating System combined with social networking, you can steadily increase your page traffic.

Multi Dimensional Ratings - In multi-dimensional ratings, you are allowed to have more than one 'criteria'. Now, these criterias (as mentioned in our previous blog) are based on how you wish to rate your product or service that you provide. Go ahead and create any type of dimensional label, and you can chose from many of our dimension types. All these criterias that we provide are “weighted”. As you assign different weight for different criterias, you then can achieve a balanced average rating. It is very useful for certain products and services that many businesses today offer and provide.

Good reviews – Making to have the right reviews on each product is crucial. Reviews have a huge impact on conversion. But why? A large amount of reviews allows segmenting the review content, so you are able to show better information to your customers. Imagine having 100 reviews on a product, that gives time for the customer to find its’ specific needs. Make sure your reviews are easy to read and understood! And always to make sure to organize and sort your reviews, making it simple for consumers to find what they are looking for.

All these key features, on top of others, make up the Rating Box values and control. All integration packages are available upon request, and if you have any further questions about any of these ideal features, please feel free to contact us, we will gladly go deeper and explain!