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Your product reviews look and feel

Ratings and reviews in action The image you see attached to this week’s blog is fairly straight forward. Here, we have a RatingBox sample of a client that we have created to show you a possibility of what your product page could look like. As you can see, there are many different attributes and values that come with its integration. Take a look at some of our most popular ones;

SEO Integration – Everybody wants to be on the first page of Google, whether you are a service or a product provider, it is everyone’s’ desire to be there! The way Google notices and advances websites through their rankings and page numbers is through traffic, ‘tags’ and ‘keywords’, and website presentation, as we have mentioned to you in previous blogs. So when the page is being constantly observed and reviewed by clients, the integration comes in effect and your top search engines begins to recognize your page, and in today’s business, recognition is key.

Stay socially active – In today’s world, people spend more time on social network sites more than they actually think they do. Online networking has been a great success. Seeing your product on a website like Facebook or Twitter, gives you a huge advantage of over your competitors. You are guaranteed for success towards traffic piling into your website just by a simple ‘Like’, ‘Share’, ‘Comment’, ‘Rate’, or ‘Review’. Using Rating System combined with social networking, you can steadily increase your page traffic.

Multi Dimensional Ratings - In multi-dimensional ratings, you are allowed to have more than one 'criteria'. Now, these criterias (as mentioned in our previous blog) are based on how you wish to rate your product or service that you provide. Go ahead and create any type of dimensional label, and you can chose from many of our dimension types. All these criterias that we provide are “weighted”. As you assign different weight for different criterias, you then can achieve a balanced average rating. It is very useful for certain products and services that many businesses today offer and provide.

Good reviews – Making to have the right reviews on each product is crucial. Reviews have a huge impact on conversion. But why? A large amount of reviews allows segmenting the review content, so you are able to show better information to your customers. Imagine having 100 reviews on a product, that gives time for the customer to find its’ specific needs. Make sure your reviews are easy to read and understood! And always to make sure to organize and sort your reviews, making it simple for consumers to find what they are looking for.

All these key features, on top of others, make up the Rating Box values and control. All integration packages are available upon request, and if you have any further questions about any of these ideal features, please feel free to contact us, we will gladly go deeper and explain!