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Breakdown by star ratings - highest and lowest rated products

The Rating Breakdown allows you to create a visualization that displays the number of reviews that are associated with each star rating.

What it can do for you:

  • Captures and flags product issues surfaced in negative reviews
  • Develops manufacturer and supplier feedback from reviews and keywords

Questions it lets you answer:

  • What is the overall trend in number of reviews left and average review score across our company?
  • What buyers and suppliers are responsible for the highest rated products and lowest rated products?

These data can offer a starting point for figuring out if there was a legitimate reason for the bad rating.

Breakdown by stars

Expanding into social commerce areas

Rating System has taken word of mouth marketing to the next level. Consumers have the ability to share their experiences, product reviews with their peers, in a way that is extremely influential and powerful. Our solution is expanding into social application areas.

It allows our customers to:

  • Engage in dialogue, join the conversation about products and services
  • Stimulate more conversations among customers
  • Accelerate shoppers’ decision making
  • Post questions and receives social answers
  • Answer consumer questions directly through social networks

Facebook and Twitter are becoming increasingly important partners in aggregating customers feedback on relevant products and services. Customer reviews are carrying more power than ever before — and a growing number of retailers are tracking every word that's said about them in social media.

Ratings and reviews give customers a voice, increase confidence, enhance product visibility, and finally increase sales. In addition Rating System provides social commerce functionality, with social commerce you can join the conversation, understand your customers and engage with them. Listening to consumers helps retailers improve their offering, marketing and customer support. A retailer wants to expose deep content to customers who may not otherwise see it - functionality available now, only one click away. It gives you a power to create a presence that collects fans/followers on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, enabling it to push promotions – as well as observe and participate in dialogue among followers. Additionally, this functionality provides feedback to companies and manufacturers about the strengths and weaknesses of their products. Software enables you to drive those conversations so you can attract, engage and retain more customers, provides reviews, recommendations and solutions that have an immediate impact on your bottom line, and turn product reviews into insights that can guide your business. Rating System ensures that every customer review is from a real buyer and commits to publishing all product reviews, good or bad, enhancing credibility and trust.

To summarize:

  • Rating System automatically update your Facebook account with the latest customer social reviews
  • Your followers can leave comments, share and click on the posts to read the reviews.
  • We provide you a wide suite of in-depth analytics in order to help you understand what your customers need.

Social Insights


Multi - Dimensional Ratings

Another great feature that we would like to discuss is multi-dimensional ratings. In multi-dimensional ratings, you are allowed to have more than one 'criteria'. The criterias are based on how you wish to rate your product or service that you provide. For example, here are some most common used criteria that Rating System provides;

  • Quality
  • Service
  • Value
  • Reliability

Remember, the list goes on. You may create any type of dimensional label, and chose from many of our dimension types. All these criterias that we provide are “weighted”. Think of it this way. Take the 2 criterias - ‘quality’ and ‘features’. To some business or individual, quality has is more important than value, and visa versa. Let’s use the iPad 2 for example. Its’ quality is superb, but there are many features that are missing for its value of money, so it seems that many believe. Flash is not integrated with Apple, thus making is somewhat of a downfall for certain customers. Of course, there are many other features it is missing. This was just one of them. So, if a person were to rate the quality for 5 out of 5 and value for features is 1 out of 5, the average rating would be a 3. But, what if this criteria were weighted differently? Let’s say instead of a 50/50% weigh, a 75/25% weigh. After being rating a 5 and a 1, the rating would still be a 4. Here’s a simple formula;

0.25 + 0.75 = 1.00

(0.25 x 1) + (0.75 x 5) =

= 0.25 + 3.75 = 4

As you assign different weight for different criteria, you then can achieve a balanced average rating. It is very useful for certain products and services that many businesses today offer and provide.