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Is too many reviews bad or..?

Reviews offer benefits to the social commerce, and the importance of showing reviews across your whole product list is apparent. Don’t keep your traffic boost, conversion uplift and SEO tools strictly to just your most valued products.

Having a wide range of reviews is a no-brainer. But let’s not forget the depth of the review. It makes you wonder, what is the max amount of reviews that is beneficial, and which ones don’t really need to be there.

After doing some studies with Rating System’s clients, we noticed that there is not an actual ‘magic number’ for the amount of reviews on products, because ‘the more the merrier’, sort to speak, and the more beneficial each product will get. That is, if you make sure that it sends positive feedback in all forms of direction.

So why is review depth important?

Review depth has a huge impact on conversion is very straight forward. But why have such a big impact? A substantial amount of reviews allows segmenting the review content so you are able to show better information to your customers. Imagine having 250 reviews on a product, that gives time for the customer to find its’ specific needs.

Last but not least, the SEO benefit of the reviews is fresh content they provide for your products site. Having a handful of reviews won’t make be a big deal, but with 10’s/20’s, you are really putting a good difference to your website, unlike your competitors.