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Your company/brand level testimonials

Client testimonials are a powerful tool you can use to gain credibility and trust to generate more business.

In addition to product reviews, Rating-System provides you solution for your company/brand level testimonials. Online testimonials as well as reviews in the press are the pieces of content that consumers are viewing before they are reaching out to companies. When used correctly, reviews add credibility and help alleviate any concerns your prospects may have when purchasing your product or service.

More and more customers are using online reviews to inform themselves and encourage their purchasing decisions. Customer will have an easier time trusting your company when they see that previous clients were happy with their experience.

While customers continue to place a high value on user testimonials, quality and integrity of review content becomes even more important. We have solution for you and take actions to to protect reviews from a variety of fraudulent and inauthentic practices.

We make sure 100% of the reviews are offered from real customers that have had real first-hand experience with your business. We can filter out fraud and spam reviews, our technology is used to identify the submission source of all reviews. We make sure reviews are not altered or deleted in any way by anyone other than the actual author. Low volume and quality of reviews can be the decisive factor in customer decision not to deal with your company. The worst kind of positive testimonial is one that is too general: "XYZ Company is great!" or "John Doe’s agency was wonderful to work with." These testimonials don't say anything about your benefits.

We encourage your customers to write reviews about their experiences with your product and support team. If you are confident in your product or service - your customers should be too. On the right you can see sample follow up email that can be used to request customer review recent experience with your support or sales people.

With our automated emailing solution, we make sure you collect an accurate picture of what people think about your business. We identify each customer to ensure integrity. Satisfied clients are often more than happy to be interviewed about their experience using your product or service.
Customer review

Customer testimonials are an important part of your marketing program and online business.