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Reviews and Q&A Trends

Companies have invested significant budget and resources to make their websites content-rich destinations that effectively tell stories about their brands and products.In recent years, social media, blogs and product reviews sites provide lots of information. Product reviews become more and more important not only to the companies developing the products, but also to their rivals and potential customers. Analyzing product reviews is the task of tapping this goldmine of information.

Company can classify customers opinions and feedback instead of taking the complete sentence. Customer reviews can be analyzed and trended over time. This allows the business owner to measure the extent to which business changes have impacted customer satisfaction. Evaluating each feedback will be helpful in understanding the needs of individual customers. However, it will be even more helpful if you review the comments in batches and uncover patterns in the responses by categorizing them. Sample categories could include factors such as quality, accuracy, value for money, availability, gender, location, etc. Some reviews are positive and some are negative. It’s possible to have both positive and negative comments in some categories.

Carefully analyzing customer reviews and taking action based on customer comments will help you strongly influence buying behavior and drive commerce.
Reviews trends allow you to assess how your data has changed over time and see if the number of satisfied customers has gone up or down over the course of the year.

Reviews trends

Reviews, Questions and Answers trends are available on all subscription plans.

From Dashboard, click the Reviews or Q&A summary.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are one of the most valuable capabilities of native apps, and this capability is now available on the web. We can push notifications to your desktop when you receive a new Review or Question.


The Right Message, at the Right Time.

Our push notification is a message that pops up on your computer. We can send them every time your customer submits a review or asks a question using our Q&A solution. Your customer service team doesn't have to be in the app or using their device to receive them. From the Notifications pop-up end users can read, approve a Review or answer a Question as soon as your customer submits it.

Push Notification

Push notifications are sent to all devices and desktops registered to your account instead of a specific device registration ID, which ensures that your customer support receives all notifications on all of their devices rather than just one. The same notifications are accessible from any registered device and/or computer.

When an end user taps or clicks the Notification, the review approval view or question answer view opens, so you can reach your customers instantly. You can activate your push notification on Account Settings -> Notifications page.

Why the Question & Answer Solution Comes In Handy

In the recent blogs, Rating System has mentioned how important Ratings and Reviews are, and how much of a powerful source they have become for succeeding in online businesses. One important feature that can be often overlooked is the Questions and Answers box. As we have mentioned to you before, it is clear that before making purchases, clients often look and search for feedback and reviews before making purchases. So it is in no doubt in mind that the Questions and Answer toolbox is resourceful.

In addition to being a very high effective research tool that is proven to drive sales conversions, Rating System’s Q&A Box tool can lower your businesses call center volume, as well as creating proper product descriptions.

Lower your call center volume: By providing your customers with valid, proper distinguished answers to their questions is bound to decrease the call volume from their buyers. When the information is shared (or answered) and most importantly, trusted and thoroughly explained, the customer doesn’t feel the need to have to contact the company and begin asking questions that have should been already be answered.

Your products’ descriptions: At times, it could get very hard to place the right description on your products to drive customers to buy it. After a short period of usage of our Q&A box, the provider is able to gather the most important and useful information throughout the history of commonly asked questions. Presentation of your product is very important, and having a proper legitimate description can help you and your customers come to a final buyers conclusion easier!

In a short summary, questions and answers is a great partner to a reviews solution on your business website. The addition of a Q&A box can quickly create instant value with your customers.