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Expert Moderation - What we can do for you!

The next topic we would like to mention is our expert moderation. Rating Systems’ team monitors and manages your products or services Ratings & Reviews and/or Questions and Answers to ensure perfect quality and accuracy. Moderation is a content quality assurance process that ensures appropriate standards, relevance, removes unsuitable or offensive content.

For example – Let’s say a customer posts a negative review about your product or service. If the entire review is based on abusive content or completely irrelevant to subject, our support will make sure that this review does not get published. But, if the review is relevant, and it just seems to be an unhappy customer, we will try to contact the customer first, to find out what their reason might have been for such a review. Then, if it seems to be an actually product issue, we will contact your company personally, sharing this information with you and try to resolve and see what point of view the customer is coming from.

Let’s face it. Negative reviews are somewhat important to the product. Nothing is ever perfect. You aren’t going to purchase an item that has ONLY positive reviews. Seems a little “fishy”, sort to speak. When others are talking about your brand online, we’ll make sure it’s in the best possible light. As mentioned before, these ‘posts’ might be returned to the author with an attached message explaining the reason for return or not posting.

The most important part is; you maintain complete ownership of the data that can be sent to you nightly. All of the posts are archived and are available to you anytime at the end of the day. You own all your rating & review and Question and Answer content. You are always in control. Take advantage of this great opportunity today.