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Bad Reviews - Beneficial for business?

Looking back at our previous blog, we mentioned how bad reviews, as hard as it might be to believe, are good for your business. Looking at some of our major clients, and other types of businesses associated with the same type of services, we were able to gather some significant data and relations between a good business and its bad reviews.

What stood out most are the benefits of having bad reviews on your website. The biggest and most significantly – as well as surprising – the so called ‘bad reviews’ increase your conversion rates, where consumers who just sit seek out bad reviews convert more than 70% often than regular shoppers.

That’s not all. When you keep these reviews posted and displayed for everyone to see, your company or product gets (alongside all your good reviews);

  • consumers tend to stay longer on your website, which gives you some time to persuade them to purchase your service or product;
  • receive more traffic on your webpage, surprisingly, only a small amount leave your site after seen 1 or 2 badly reviewed products;
  • showing and demonstrating client service by responding to these negative reviews;
  • and finally, customer feedback, which plays an important key in your marketing area.

A couple of bad reviews are inevitable, it’s bound to happen. Every successful business has its’ flaws, but make sure they are controllable and fixable. Otherwise, if your business is filled with negative reviews, then it’s hard to call it ‘successful’, more ‘faulty’ than anything.