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Make your reviews work for consumers!

In no matter what form, your first basic principle of social commerce is that it is successful, only if it works for businesses AND consumers.

Social commerce tools, such as reviews/ratings, recommendations and others are only able to boost business revenue because they’re useful for consumers, by giving them important information and more confidence in their product or service. This can only be done if all of these tools are attentively assigned to work well for consumers, present the correct features and be able to be used as easy as possible.

Basically, if you’d want your social commerce strategy to deliver absolute results, you have to critically think about the usability of the tools the business offers consumers. To make sure this happens, your team – or in some cases Rating System – recognizes how valued that is, and always applies it to every step of implementing and building your review solutions.

Below, are some of the main key aspects and features of that Rating System has come up with for a successful rating/review solution;

  • Make sure your reviews are easy to read and understand
  • Organize and sort your reviews, making it simple for consumers to find what they are looking for
  • Multi-dimensional ratings (mentioned in our previous blogs!)
  • Having some sort of ‘complete control’ of the types of reviews that can be posted; ex – spam filters, abusive words, etc.
  • Integrate products with a Questions and Answer box