Strategies for engaging and retaining customers in a social and mobile world

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Helping Businesses Worldwide.

Rating System makes it easy for you to let your customers share opinions, knowledge, and experiences. We are here to offer the vital social customer reviews and marketing capabilities. Our team has decades of experience building software applications. Our costs are significantly lower than others in the market, which allows us to offer much lower pricing. We can customize every-thing to fit your business by matching your site(s) look and feel!

We are helping businesses worldwide to improve the online shopping experience and connect with customers through the power of online reviews, customer Q&A and social media.

Since the launch of Rating System in 2008, we’ve watched the service grow rapidly with newly added features on a regular basis making Rating System the best it can be. We are now watching over 3000 companies / websites who have integrated our services generating in excess of 5 Million Page-Views per day*.

Why the change?
“The company needed a fresh start. Rating System has extended its team to all over the world with employees working in parts of Europe and have recently upgraded to a much larger server for faster service and support. As to our service, we have added TONS of new features to all of our products that we felt were needed or not correctly displayed. The change is a big breakthrough for Rating System and we are all hoping to create better relationships with our customers and extend our service to all companies in need!”

You may notice that some pages on our website stayed the same, especially our Dashboard area for when you sign in. We realized that we had to make the new launch as soon as possible for our current clients to get the best of all the new features that we have just created - so that being said, we will slowly start changing that area and others to fit in with our new website.

New Features?

  • New Web Widget Builder
  • Bootstrap implementation
  • Keynotes presentation
  • New report
  • New Pricing model
  • Featured clients page is updated

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