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The value of post-purchase follow up e-mail!

Take this situation for example;

You and your family purchase a home theatre system in December of last year. Prior to the purchase, the family has done a lot of research into what system would best fit the family’ needs and provide us with the most value. Once the decision was made on a specific brand and model, they then began visiting different stores and dealers in the area in order to find the best possible price and customer support.

After having visited many shops, they have finally found several that offered basically the same price for the right home system we wanted. So, the decision of where to buy came down to which store, and the hard-working salesperson that was felt most appreciative and comfortable. While making these decisions, the family received phone calls and e-mails from the salespeople that the family had met, all trying to win us over and purchase their product.

One you’ve made all your decisions clear with the family, you chose to purchase your home stereo system from the salesperson you loved best, and everybody goes home happy.

As times passes, many companies ‘forget’ who their customer is, and mentioning this, they never heard back from the store again. Post purchases aren’t always necessary, but to the customer, it was a greatly missed opportunity on the store’s part to create further customer loyalty, and possibly feedback.

Recent statistics show that existing customers are 7 times more likely to purchase from you. A short email or even a quick call asking how we are enjoying our theatre set, or if even if the family experienced any difficulties or problems, would have gone a HUGE way towards cementing the loyalty between customer and salesperson. Now, imagine, if the salesperson or someone from the store had just spent five to ten minutes on post purchase follow-up with the family, they would have increased the possibility of turning a one-time purchase into a repeated customer.

Basically, the moral of this home theatre system buying is that customer service and support after the purchase must not be pushed aside as it can lead to future sales. Rating System gives the opportunity for our customers and their businesses to have the option of follow up e-mails. It is a great feature to have, and it is recommended for all users of Rating System, or any business you are committed to.

Also, check out these benefits (posted in the Integration section) that we offer!Benefits:

  • Creates dialogue inside your customer community
  • Generates significant percentage of your posted reviews
  • Additional touch point with your customers
  • Additional revenue from follow-on purchases
  • Fresh SEO content can help boost your website's search engine rankings