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Post purchase follow-up

Your customer just made a purchase. Now you start focusing on retention, customer loyalty, up-sell and cross-sell. Our Follow up Email Marketing can help you build your business after the sale. It helps you learn whether your customers are happy with their purchases, associated services, pricing, and encourages future purchases. It is also an opportunity for your customer to spread the word about deals to their friends. We ensure there is continuity between your site and your post-purchase emails. We provide you different email templates, completely customizable with mobile first approach.

Post purchase follow-up

Incentivize your customers to leave a review, you are gaining a valuable review, as well as increasing the chance they will come and spend with you again. Think outside the box, if there’s a 10% off discount you’re willing to offer for a limited time. This is a really great tactic. Customers are likely to be more willing to leave feedback and you are inadvertently encouraging them on in their customer journey with you. You are gaining a valuable review, as well as increasing the chance they will come and spend with you again. Use post purchase email to promote loyalty scheme, that offers a discount if they introduce friends to the brand.

Rating System is the ideal partner to help you manage your online rating and reviews and create profitable customer relationships for your business.

New Features and Enhancements

We have just upgraded our website to better serve our clients. We have upgraded our servers to make the loading the Review widget faster and more reliable. A few weeks ago we upgraded much of the core infrastructure in our data center. We’re always reorganizing, tuning, checking allocations, and generally optimizing code and infrastructure wherever we can.

Other Improvements
This month’s release also includes a number minor of bug fixes.

Email server upgrade.

One of the biggest challenge when running your own email server is keeping any emails you send from being classified as spam by the receiver. One of best ways to prevent phishing is to be proactive by employing domain name authentication. Authentication serves to protect your brand by providing a valid identity on a sending domain. Once authenticated, receivers then use it as a foundation for applying reputation and accreditation as well as a tool for more accurate filtering. We are happy to announce that we have rolled out DKIM authentication on behalf of all our clients. Top global webmail providers such as AOL, Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail & Yahoo are now incorporating DKIM into their filtering algorithms. This enhancement will improve our follow up email delivery process. Please check your follow-up email conversion report in the future - you will see the difference.

DKIM, or DomainKeys Identified Mail, is a cryptographic approach to authenticating email. It was developed in part to solve some of the issues that SPF can’t solve, such as forwarded email. This is an important step in the fight against phishing as spammers are no longer able to use disposable and transient IPs and hide behind a made-up domain.

Follow-up email marketing conversion

It's not a secret that creating and monitoring follow-up email marketing can be time-consuming and in many cases require in-house development. Our automatic follow-up email process gives you more time to work "on" your business rather than "in" your business.

Follow-up email marketing creates a predictable stream of customers that buy.

Based on known statistical data:

  • Customers who have purchased in the last 72 hours may be more willing to respond to a targeted email than others.
  • Customers who purchased three or more times in the last six months are more likely willing to respond than others.
  • Customers who spent 50% more than your average client value last year are more likely to respond than others.

Follow-up marketing will boost your closing rate, dramatically increase your customer satisfaction, and create an additional opportunity to engage with your customers and learn from them.

Our comprehensive reporting helps measure and optimize follow-up email performance.

Follow-up conversion

Total Sends - Total Sends measures the number of times a follow-up email is sent.

Total Opens - Total Opens measures the number of times an email is opened. Monitor the total number of opens to your emails over time to better understand what is resonating with your audience when it comes the contents of your messaging.

Open Rates – the Open Rates measures the total number of times an email is opened divided by the total amount of emails sent during a campaign resulting in a percentage of email’s opened; the most important metrics that help determine the success of your efforts.

Total Reviews - total number of reviews submitted - a strong indication that your email list is engaged with your company.

The point of follow-up emails is to increase the visibility of your brand and help increase revenue.

Your company/brand level testimonials

Client testimonials are a powerful tool you can use to gain credibility and trust to generate more business.

In addition to product reviews, Rating-System provides you solution for your company/brand level testimonials. Online testimonials as well as reviews in the press are the pieces of content that consumers are viewing before they are reaching out to companies. When used correctly, reviews add credibility and help alleviate any concerns your prospects may have when purchasing your product or service.

More and more customers are using online reviews to inform themselves and encourage their purchasing decisions. Customer will have an easier time trusting your company when they see that previous clients were happy with their experience.

While customers continue to place a high value on user testimonials, quality and integrity of review content becomes even more important. We have solution for you and take actions to to protect reviews from a variety of fraudulent and inauthentic practices.

We make sure 100% of the reviews are offered from real customers that have had real first-hand experience with your business. We can filter out fraud and spam reviews, our technology is used to identify the submission source of all reviews. We make sure reviews are not altered or deleted in any way by anyone other than the actual author. Low volume and quality of reviews can be the decisive factor in customer decision not to deal with your company. The worst kind of positive testimonial is one that is too general: "XYZ Company is great!" or "John Doe’s agency was wonderful to work with." These testimonials don't say anything about your benefits.

We encourage your customers to write reviews about their experiences with your product and support team. If you are confident in your product or service - your customers should be too. On the right you can see sample follow up email that can be used to request customer review recent experience with your support or sales people.

With our automated emailing solution, we make sure you collect an accurate picture of what people think about your business. We identify each customer to ensure integrity. Satisfied clients are often more than happy to be interviewed about their experience using your product or service.
Customer review

Customer testimonials are an important part of your marketing program and online business.

The value of post-purchase follow up e-mail!

Take this situation for example;

You and your family purchase a home theatre system in December of last year. Prior to the purchase, the family has done a lot of research into what system would best fit the family’ needs and provide us with the most value. Once the decision was made on a specific brand and model, they then began visiting different stores and dealers in the area in order to find the best possible price and customer support.

After having visited many shops, they have finally found several that offered basically the same price for the right home system we wanted. So, the decision of where to buy came down to which store, and the hard-working salesperson that was felt most appreciative and comfortable. While making these decisions, the family received phone calls and e-mails from the salespeople that the family had met, all trying to win us over and purchase their product.

One you’ve made all your decisions clear with the family, you chose to purchase your home stereo system from the salesperson you loved best, and everybody goes home happy.

As times passes, many companies ‘forget’ who their customer is, and mentioning this, they never heard back from the store again. Post purchases aren’t always necessary, but to the customer, it was a greatly missed opportunity on the store’s part to create further customer loyalty, and possibly feedback.

Recent statistics show that existing customers are 7 times more likely to purchase from you. A short email or even a quick call asking how we are enjoying our theatre set, or if even if the family experienced any difficulties or problems, would have gone a HUGE way towards cementing the loyalty between customer and salesperson. Now, imagine, if the salesperson or someone from the store had just spent five to ten minutes on post purchase follow-up with the family, they would have increased the possibility of turning a one-time purchase into a repeated customer.

Basically, the moral of this home theatre system buying is that customer service and support after the purchase must not be pushed aside as it can lead to future sales. Rating System gives the opportunity for our customers and their businesses to have the option of follow up e-mails. It is a great feature to have, and it is recommended for all users of Rating System, or any business you are committed to.

Also, check out these benefits (posted in the Integration section) that we offer!Benefits:

  • Creates dialogue inside your customer community
  • Generates significant percentage of your posted reviews
  • Additional touch point with your customers
  • Additional revenue from follow-on purchases
  • Fresh SEO content can help boost your website's search engine rankings