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The importance of Customer Service in business

For some consumers and business, customer service is becoming the most important feature of a company. Although, many would say they disagree, today, in our business world, in the past it has been surprisingly hard to find a strong b2b or b2c customer service communication.

The benefits of a customer service focus, well, are straight forward. Businesses have recently been picking up on the importance and value of this service for quite some time, and they’re beginning to use their strong successful reputation for customer care to attract a ton of new customers.

You probably know some of these big brand names, including Amazon and John Lewis.

Differentiating your business from the competition through a strong customer connection, to show that you care, will result in not only catching the attention of all the current consumers who are looking for businesses who bring forward great attention, but also for future ones as well! There’s also a very high chance of avoiding damage to the competition of pricing.

Pricing damages in competition varies, and can strongly devalue your offering in consumers’ minds, and nobody wants that for their business. Competing for this type of service avoids all these unnecessary issues, and has a few other benefits too.

The hard work you in put in now in outstanding customer service, will definitely be repaid by increased customer loyalty. Ultimately, you will spend less keeping your existing customers than you would gathering and searching for new customers.

Helping Businesses Worldwide.

Rating System makes it easy for you to let your customers share opinions, knowledge, and experiences. We are here to offer the vital social customer reviews and marketing capabilities. Our team has decades of experience building software applications. Our costs are significantly lower than others in the market, which allows us to offer much lower pricing. We can customize every-thing to fit your business by matching your site(s) look and feel!

We are helping businesses worldwide to improve the online shopping experience and connect with customers through the power of online reviews, customer Q&A and social media.

Since the launch of Rating System in 2008, we’ve watched the service grow rapidly with newly added features on a regular basis making Rating System the best it can be. We are now watching over 3000 companies / websites who have integrated our services generating in excess of 5 Million Page-Views per day*.

Why the change?
“The company needed a fresh start. Rating System has extended its team to all over the world with employees working in parts of Europe and have recently upgraded to a much larger server for faster service and support. As to our service, we have added TONS of new features to all of our products that we felt were needed or not correctly displayed. The change is a big breakthrough for Rating System and we are all hoping to create better relationships with our customers and extend our service to all companies in need!”

You may notice that some pages on our website stayed the same, especially our Dashboard area for when you sign in. We realized that we had to make the new launch as soon as possible for our current clients to get the best of all the new features that we have just created - so that being said, we will slowly start changing that area and others to fit in with our new website.

New Features?

  • New Web Widget Builder
  • Bootstrap implementation
  • Keynotes presentation
  • New report
  • New Pricing model
  • Featured clients page is updated

Visit User Guide and Help Center for more information!

Bad Reviews - Beneficial for business?

Looking back at our previous blog, we mentioned how bad reviews, as hard as it might be to believe, are good for your business. Looking at some of our major clients, and other types of businesses associated with the same type of services, we were able to gather some significant data and relations between a good business and its bad reviews.

What stood out most are the benefits of having bad reviews on your website. The biggest and most significantly – as well as surprising – the so called ‘bad reviews’ increase your conversion rates, where consumers who just sit seek out bad reviews convert more than 70% often than regular shoppers.

That’s not all. When you keep these reviews posted and displayed for everyone to see, your company or product gets (alongside all your good reviews);

  • consumers tend to stay longer on your website, which gives you some time to persuade them to purchase your service or product;
  • receive more traffic on your webpage, surprisingly, only a small amount leave your site after seen 1 or 2 badly reviewed products;
  • showing and demonstrating client service by responding to these negative reviews;
  • and finally, customer feedback, which plays an important key in your marketing area.

A couple of bad reviews are inevitable, it’s bound to happen. Every successful business has its’ flaws, but make sure they are controllable and fixable. Otherwise, if your business is filled with negative reviews, then it’s hard to call it ‘successful’, more ‘faulty’ than anything.

Expert Moderation - What we can do for you!

The next topic we would like to mention is our expert moderation. Rating Systems’ team monitors and manages your products or services Ratings & Reviews and/or Questions and Answers to ensure perfect quality and accuracy. Moderation is a content quality assurance process that ensures appropriate standards, relevance, removes unsuitable or offensive content.

For example – Let’s say a customer posts a negative review about your product or service. If the entire review is based on abusive content or completely irrelevant to subject, our support will make sure that this review does not get published. But, if the review is relevant, and it just seems to be an unhappy customer, we will try to contact the customer first, to find out what their reason might have been for such a review. Then, if it seems to be an actually product issue, we will contact your company personally, sharing this information with you and try to resolve and see what point of view the customer is coming from.

Let’s face it. Negative reviews are somewhat important to the product. Nothing is ever perfect. You aren’t going to purchase an item that has ONLY positive reviews. Seems a little “fishy”, sort to speak. When others are talking about your brand online, we’ll make sure it’s in the best possible light. As mentioned before, these ‘posts’ might be returned to the author with an attached message explaining the reason for return or not posting.

The most important part is; you maintain complete ownership of the data that can be sent to you nightly. All of the posts are archived and are available to you anytime at the end of the day. You own all your rating & review and Question and Answer content. You are always in control. Take advantage of this great opportunity today.

Multi - Dimensional Ratings

Another great feature that we would like to discuss is multi-dimensional ratings. In multi-dimensional ratings, you are allowed to have more than one 'criteria'. The criterias are based on how you wish to rate your product or service that you provide. For example, here are some most common used criteria that Rating System provides;

  • Quality
  • Service
  • Value
  • Reliability

Remember, the list goes on. You may create any type of dimensional label, and chose from many of our dimension types. All these criterias that we provide are “weighted”. Think of it this way. Take the 2 criterias - ‘quality’ and ‘features’. To some business or individual, quality has is more important than value, and visa versa. Let’s use the iPad 2 for example. Its’ quality is superb, but there are many features that are missing for its value of money, so it seems that many believe. Flash is not integrated with Apple, thus making is somewhat of a downfall for certain customers. Of course, there are many other features it is missing. This was just one of them. So, if a person were to rate the quality for 5 out of 5 and value for features is 1 out of 5, the average rating would be a 3. But, what if this criteria were weighted differently? Let’s say instead of a 50/50% weigh, a 75/25% weigh. After being rating a 5 and a 1, the rating would still be a 4. Here’s a simple formula;

0.25 + 0.75 = 1.00

(0.25 x 1) + (0.75 x 5) =

= 0.25 + 3.75 = 4

As you assign different weight for different criteria, you then can achieve a balanced average rating. It is very useful for certain products and services that many businesses today offer and provide.